29 Faces - Wrapping Up

The challenge ended at the end of February, but I haven't had the time (or patience) to fight with my scanner until today. I swear sometimes that device is possessed by a spiteful goblin.

I know I had some requests, especially after posting the lovably skittish Rincewind, but I did a lot of these in little pockets of spare time so they're mostly off the top of my head. Granny Weatherwax's dour face will have to wait a while longer. ;-) So, without further ado, here are my final 11 faces:

These two (and a half but who's counting?) are part of the painting I'm working on for DEEP with Dirty Footprints Studio. They're done in acrylic and may change as I continue to work further on the painting.

Just a quick sketch of a Victorian lady from a photo. Not much to say here as she isn't fleshed out very well.

This one is a pencil drawing of actor Zachary Levi. It's not quite finished and is one of the very, very few portraits I've ever attempted. (Seriously, I think this is the 3rd one. Ever.) It looks enough like him for me to be ok with, but looking at this and the reference photo I can easily pick out several mistakes in the proportions. It was great practice though, so I'll take it!

Another quick pencil sketch. I had masks, particularly bunny masks, on my mind for some reason.

A quick oil pastel sketch. Playing with colors in skin tone.

I picked up some bright colored ball point pens to use in my Moleskine! I was getting a little tired of just black and blue. So this one, which is less of a face and more of a body, really, was my first experimentation with color.

And the color exploration just kept going from there... (This one I call The Shamaness.)

To here. Which I love. I'm not sure how much black work I'll be doing for a while, because I'm thoroughly, hopelessly addicted to color right now.

I imagine that emo kids would hate sprinkles. Especially rainbow ones. So that's what I went with for my last face, courtesy of a rainbow sprinkled doughnut. ;)

And that wraps up 29 faces! Hope you enjoyed all of them and thanks for checking them out. :)
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